Guardian of Paradise


A fun Zelda-style game



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Guardian of Paradise is a game in pure Zelda style where you take on the role of Tela, a boy embarking on a mysterious, danger-filled adventure in search of a cure for his sister's strange illness.

Just like in any Zelda game, the action in Guardian of Paradise comes from exploring scenes full of enemies and the occasional puzzle. Luckily, your hero is accompanied by his trusty sword and some elemental creatures that allow him to use special abilities.

As you progress through Guardian of Paradise, the adventure starts to become more and more complex. What at first seemed like a simple trip through the forest soon becomes an epic adventure taking you along tons of different areas - always, of course, with the goal of saving Tela's sister.

Guardian of Paradise is a surprisingly good Zelda clone that lasts quite a long time and has charming graphics that could have come from any Super Nintendo game. There's plenty of variety so you never risk getting bored.

This version of the game comes with a default English patch.

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